Women have been praised highly by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). A woman is a starting point of a community. Her first priority is to look after the welfare of her family. A woman is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife. In each of her role, she has been made responsible by Islam to impart the basic Islamic knowledge like reciting the Quran, following the sunnah, social etiquettes and manners etc. to her family. But with great regret, it is a sign of ignorance that in the Muslim society, the girl child continues to remain burdened with illiteracy. It is a known fact that children brought up by these uneducated mothers will be everything else other than being religious and pious. There is an ongoing debate between the educated and intellectual beings of the society. For this, there is a great push by many people to establish religious institutions mainly for girls so that the education for a girl can take place under Islamic supervision.
SAHARANPUR : Saharanpur is a city of knowledge, steeped in culture and civilization and studded with education and training. It has played an unforgettable role in leading Muslim community through the generations. It irrigated all movements, germinated for the renewal of Islam, by its blood. Truly, it has become a beacon of light for the Muslim community through more than 3000 religious institutions. However, all the same, a need was being felt about how to teach the Muslim women, being within the purview of Islam, to make them ideal in the Muslim society, so that the children brought up by them should be perfect in beliefs, deeds and becomes a shining light for the Muslim community as well as the country. It is said that behind every great man there is a woman. Think about it, if the mother or wife is religious, then the man is sure to benefit through her hard work, upbringing and prayers which every human surely needs.


This rational religious thinking impelled some pensive youth of the Muslim community to lay the foundation of Jamia Sumayya which has become a center for education and religious thought. Scholars and intellectual men are at peace with the atmosphere that has been created in this very institution. Of late, more than a thousand girl students are pursuing their education in it. The rays of Islam are waltzing in the far flung houses that were congested with the zenith of ignorance by these very students who follow and preach the way of life as prescribed by Allah and His Prophet. By the Grace of Allah, in couple of shakes, every student will be playing a vital role in her region in regard of Islam. Through these very students, Jamia Sumayya (R.A.) is poised to become a leading religious institution and a place for Islamic thought.

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