Jamia Sumayya (R.A.) Guidelines

Academic Year: It starts from Shawwal and ends in Sha’baan.
Attendance: The school is very strict in the matter of attendance. Every student has to attend classes regularly. Absent for more than one day qualifies a student to submit the medical certificate in the principal’s office.
Expulsion: (1) Absent from classes for 15 days without prior information, (2) The research work of the syllabus is more than 6 months, (3) Unexpected and intolerable behavior in classrooms and hostels. These points will suffice a student to expelled from Jamia Sumayya (R.A.)
Exams: The year has been divided into two semesters with exams at the end of each semester. Sessional exams are held each month. Before appearing in the exams, a student must comply that no part of syllabus is left out and attendance is more than 75%. Students who report sick at the time of exam can be given compensation. In extreme case, if a student is not able to attend the final exam, her overall work throughout the year will be taken into consideration and if favorable she will be passed onto the next class. Hostels: Students living in the hostels are under the supervision of the teachers. Certain rules and regulations have been kept to be followed by each and every student. This might sometime offend a guardian but they have to bear with us.
Uniform: Jamia Sumayya (R.A.) has made it mandatory for every student to wear the school uniform which is prescribed: (1) Green checked Kurta with white shalwar and white scarf (2) On Thursdays, only total white uniform (3) Students above the age of 12 have to be under burqa.
Scholarship: The school makes an appeal to all those who can afford to sponsor those students for whom it is difficult owing to monetary problems. Although the institution does care about them, but it can’t afford due to the large numbers. It is a humble request to all that they give their Zakah and Sadaqah to us so that we can look after the poor and needy.
Fees: A total sum of Rs. 2500/- is taken at the time of admission. Those who can’t afford are taken under the purview of scholarship.

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