Aims & Objectives Of The Jamia

Sumayya (R.A.) English Medium School

A school which will be no less than the best schools of the area, but its spirit will be religious. This will help the daughters of our Muslim community to step forward and claim their right position in this modern society.

Publication of Islamic Literature:

In this age of media, we make efforts to publish literature in Hindi and Urdu on specific occasions. These literatures consists of articles which are beneficial to both Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. The aim of it is mainly to bring both the community closer to each other and make them aware of certain political agendas which invoke hate among the communities.

Embroidery Skills Department:

We have an aim of establishing a department in which the students can hone their tailoring and knitting skills. If a woman is aware of this art, then she will surely not be dependent on others for small works but can also helps others in her house or area.

Establishment of Schools:

Muslim community is lagging behind in the realm of education. It requires an educational awareness in all forms and manifestation. Looking at its needs, we have an aim of establishing schools specifically for the local communities so that the next generation of our society can be brought up in a civilized manner.

Quarterly Mouth Piece:

We are trying regularly to publish a quarterly mouth piece which will be in Hindi as well as Urdu.

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