Jamia At A Glance

Date of Foundation: Thursday, 21st Safar, 1424 A.H. (24th April, 2003)
System of Jamia: Progressing under the supervision of reliable scholars.
Education System: Nursery to Inter (U.P. Board), complete course on Diniyaat, Aalimiyat and Hadith.
Household Skills: All those which are necessary for a girl to look after the house in a proper manner.
Computer Department: Some students are taught computer too, so that they can avail it in the age of technology
Routine of a Day: Students are awaken at the time of Tahajjud prayers, up to Fajr prayers Quran is recited, after Fajr prayers Surah Ya Sin is recited, dua with congregation, different Hadith memorized until sunrise, then bath and breakfast, regular classes, after Zuhr prayer lunch and rest, at the time of Asr books of etiquettes is read, till maghrib exercise time, after maghrib revision time, dinner, belated Isha prayer, then to bed.
The Club: Under the club, weekly programs are held to help the students develop their writing and oratory skills. It also oversees the development of students, who under the supervision of their teachers, go on Dawah work in the nearby areas. It also holds the Annual Function when the school is graced by Religious Scholars who oversee the different functions of Hifz, Qirat, Speech and Naat.
Total number of Students: 1365         Resident Students: 475         Total Staff: 47
Land Area: 12 Bighas                         Rooms (Classrooms): 40       Transport Vehicles: 4

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